Hi and welcome to Heatherís Quilting Palette website. I have been seriously quilting for a few years now. Thanks to family and friends with a lot of arm-twisting I am now producing patterns for some of my pieces. The first series I have out is focused on prairie elevators. It saddens me to see them disappearing from the landscape. Iím not originally from the prairies but the first time I saw them they intrigued me. The elevators are such a part of the prairies and define the prairies much like light houses on the coast or oil wells in Alberta. Elevators are the heart of prairie communities.
I have always quilted but it wasnít until quilters started approaching me and asking for my permission to use my drawings and paintings for themselves that I realized I was missing another market for my art work. After I completed the first sample piece I was hooked. Transforming artwork in fabric has opened up a whole new perspective of the world. I look at everyday things and see it for the
first time. A teacher once told me ďthat a true artist must always question and challenge oneself.Ē We are always learning and should never be afraid to try something new. Trying something new has led me to opening my studio to the public. I now have a location downstairs in Moose Jaw. Itís a shop studio and it allows me to separate working space from my home studio. But more importantly it gives me contact with people. Working at home can be a very sterile. I love to get feed back on what I am working on, and I certainly donít mind answering any questions other quilters or non quilters may have. You can learn a lot from other people if you are willing to listen. The shop is open Monday to Saturday from 10 to 5 pm. I do have some organized classes planned but I can quickly put a class together for people that are visiting or passing through the city.
I carry other quilt designerís patterns in my shop including my favorite, which is called piecemakers. I have now completed two of their quilts, one of which I did
as a block of the month, and I am now getting ready to start the 2008 calendar block of the month. You can see these quilts in my shop samples collection. Since most of my designs are landscapes I carry a large selection of landscape type of fabric. I am not the greatest fan of kits because I feel fabric selection is a personal choice and it is what makes the pattern unique to the quilter. However I do have a limited number of kits available (more arm twisting) and I am more then willing to help you make your own selections. As well as carrying commercial fabrics I also produce hand painted fabrics such as skies. Itís impossible to show the pieces on this website because they are never the same way twice, however I do use some of them in my designs such as the Northern Lights in my elevator series and they come in two colors ways. One is multi colored and the other is more muted in green and blue. The fabric is cut to size needed for the pattern. However I have done some custom work for people so they can use my sky fabric for another pattern. I only do this custom work in the summer time where I can paint outside in my back yard and entertain my neighbors while they have their morning coffee. If you are ever in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan you should come and see my store, which is located inside the City Square Mall, lower level at 361 Main St. N.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to e-mail me or call me at (306) 693-1393

Heather Grover


This is Mother Nature

It was a 2006 Moose Jaw Guild challenge.

The challenge was to depict the four elements

Earth, Wind, Fire & Water. It was made from scraps of landscape fabrics combined with cheesecloth and foil. This piece was started and completed in five days

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